Smooth transition - A comfortable new home

Zagreb’s people like to address challenges head on - with a “no problem” attitude. That is not due to our casual southern ways but rather to our direct problem-solving mentality. We strive to get things done, even against the odds. Because of Zagreb’s liveable size and well-run administration, everything happens quicker here.

Addressing the criteria established for the selection of a new host country for the EMA, we have identified quality premises for the agency and would establish a task force to ensure the smooth transition of the EMA to its new home.

EMA’s future premises
The Sky Office – the future home of the EMA

The Sky Office is constructed with locally sourced materials, and integrates the latest technology in energy efficiency and accessibility. The building’s Environmental Management System optimizes both energy use and waste reduction. 4G Internet is available throughout the building, and office space is easily adaptable.

One-Stop Service Point
Assistance and information

The heart of the agency is its staff, and for their rapid integration, a One-Stop Service Point would be established to provide full relocation assistance and information. The administration would also make quality temporary accommodation available for families who do not have the time, opportunity or desire to look for it themselves. In Zagreb people are never just a number. We would welcome you amongst us and make you feel at home.