Lifestyle: "Europe’s living room"

Zagreb can be described as an "outdoor living-room". From early spring, restaurants and café terraces open for business. Streets transform into promenades - places where we like to have a cup of coffee, relax or have a business meeting. Our combination of Mediterranean cordiality and Austro-Hungarian business sense and order provide the ideal location for the EMA, its people and their families. Our efficient, comfortable and cheap public transport takes you anywhere you need to go.
We do not miss a cultural event, an opening night or an exhibition
Zagreb is an exciting combination of old and new, of thrills and calm, of lives led in public or intimately and discreetly. Zagreb’s people are always on the go, and expats quickly adapt to our easy-going lifestyle. Zagreb has the most museums per capita in the world, and on Museum Night, when they are open till late, you can meet the whole city there. We do not miss a cultural event, an opening night or an exhibition. Young (and not so young) dance the night away at music festivals across the country, sail the Adriatic in the summer and ski in the winter. On the weekend, we have coffee in the city centre and shop at the Dolac market which offers our Adriatic seafood caught only hours earlier, and the very freshest of our Mediterranean fruit and vegetables. In the market, we each have our “kumica ” – the lady we have been buying from for years and who tips us off as to what is best today - and what is best avoided. We frown on frozen fish, know when olive oil is not virgin and buy herbs gathered on our hills and mountains.
Zagreb provides plenty of opportunities for private time
Zagreb provides plenty of opportunities for private time and peaceful walks far from the beaten track. We hike in our national parks and on the slopes of Mount Sljeme, and run on the shores of lakes Jarun and Bundek. In town you can take a romantic stroll through the historic old streets of the Upper City where there are 214 gaslights. As darkness falls, every one is still lit by a professional "nažigač ". Zagreb is one of only three cities in Europe which still upholds this tradition.
The city has many sports centers, swimming pools, beauty salons and spas
Zagreb’s people are famously sporty. The city has many sports centres, swimming pools, beauty salons and spas. It is not accidental that our water and air are among the cleanest in Europe. We have a deeply ingrained appreciation for nature and environmental protection is a way of life in Zagreb.
Local food is a mixture of Mediterranean and continental
The restaurant scene is innovative and ambitious. Local food is a mixture of Mediterranean and continental, and as in every big city, the world’s cuisine is here and ever more popular. Whether you prefer haute cuisine or traditional family restaurants serving home-made slow food, Zagreb caters to all tastes. Wine is a deeply ingrained part of our culture, and our wines are one of Europe’s best kept secrets. They are mostly produced in small family-run wineries which prize quality over quantity. We also value our healthy tap water which is widely used and with better characteristics than bottled one.
Independent brands and designers
Brands and designers
When it comes to shopping, all the major international chains are here yet Zagreb is home to a vibrant community of independent brands and designers. Civil initiatives and community events make our city life vibrant and spontaneous. High safety standards ensure that we feel safe and free in our streets – not least at night.