Key facts about Zagreb

The Croatian capital offers a comfortable standard of living and secure working conditions. Welcoming the profound transformative impact the EMA would have on our city, we would go the extra mile to ensure the smooth transition of the agency from London to Zagreb.


Zagreb is a city
  • Where the local authorities will welcome you and assist you in all aspects of your relocation and integration
  • Where one can hear the happy sounds of children playing on the streets and in parks
  • Where it takes an hour to get from your front door to the gate of your flight
  • Where the EU’s furthest capital is only a two and a half hours flight away  
  • Where Mediterranean beaches are less than two hours away 
  • Where mountains perfect for skiing and hiking are a 20-minute drive from the city centre
  • Where beyond the cut and thrust of our political passion there still exists a culture of old-fashioned human solidarity 
  • Where environmental protection and safety are a way of life
  • Where strong intellectual and cultural traditions provide motivation, inspiration and entertainment
  • Where vibrant open markets offer delicious organic food, a product of tradition and environmental awareness 
  • Where culture runs deep and communities are lively 
  • Where home ownership is still affordable 
  • Where a tradition of excellence is the hallmark of our education and healthcare
  • Where expats quickly adapt to the pleasures of our coffee-house culture.