EMA's future premises

SMOOTH TRANSITION - A comfortable new home

Zagreb’s people like to address challenges head on - with a "no problem" attitude. That is not due to our casual southern ways but rather to our direct problem-solving mentality. We strive to get things done, even against the odds. Because of Zagreb’s liveable size and well-run administration, everything happens quicker here.
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At your fingertips

Location - Croatia at your fingertips

We are small but perfectly situated. Zagreb's recently expanded airport is well connected with many European cities, and operates direct flights to Canada, Asia and Russia. The biggest advantage of air travel from Zagreb however is the short time to and from the airport. The city centre is just a 20-minute drive away. On average, it takes an hour to get from your front door to the gate of your flight!

If you are not keen on flying, Zagreb lies on Trans-European Transport corridors connecting western and eastern Europe and its south with its north. Croatia's motorway infrastructure is one of the best in Europe. It connects us to all our neighbours and provides easy access to less busy destinations. It takes less than two hours by motorway to reach the Adriatic and only 20 minutes to reach the Medvednica mountain and ski resort to the north of the city. Croatian maritime and ferry transport is also reliable and well developed, and smaller international airports are located in all of Croatia's major cities.

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Research & development

Research and development - Concept One Croatia

Concept One is the name of the world’s fastest accelerating electric vehicle. A product of the Croatian company Rimac Automobili, it was prototyped in the garage of Mate Rimac, the firm’s now 29-year old founder. Due to Rimac's enthusiasm and knowledge coupled with the skills of the 20 engineers working on Concept One, the car is competing successfully with the vehicles of much larger corporations.

Croatia has a long tradition of innovation related to structural development and investment in the R&D sector and, even more, to its people’s independent and creative spirit.

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Lifestyle - "Europe’s living room"

Zagreb can be described as an “outdoor living room”. From early spring, restaurants and café terraces open for business. Streets transform into promenades - places where we like to have a cup of coffee, relax or have a business meeting. Our combination of Mediterranean cordiality and Austro-Hungarian business sense and order provide the ideal location for the EMA, its people and their families. Our efficient, comfortable and cheap public transport takes you anywhere you need to go.
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Health & Education

Health and education - The human face of metropolitan living

Did you know that Zagreb has one of the oldest public healthcare systems in the world? Family healthcare services are of the highest quality and are very affordable. The city has 18 public hospitals, 10 of which are specialized polyclinics and 8 are university hospitals and centres. In addition, private hospitals offering cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, gynaecology and dentistry are also high value and you never have to wait to see someone or be treated. A large majority of our medical professionals speak English and our system is patient-oriented with private doctors and lab personnel making home visits. The total number of doctors at the national level is 14,427.
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Release your creativity

Expat community - Release your creativity!

Zagreb offers opportunities for career advancement in international and local companies. People are open to foreigners and we use English widely for business communication even amongst ourselves. The Croatian capital is also suited for self-employment and freelance work. Business facilities and co-working office space are abundant and affordable. The internet is fast and reliable. Croatia was amongst the first countries in Europe to have a 4G LTE network, and free wi-fi is available in most public spaces.

Short travel distances mean that in Zagreb you feel less of the hustle and bustle of the big city, and have more time to focus on what is important. The proximity of Slovenia, Austria and Italy provides Zagreb’s businesses with access to larger markets (with a combined population of 77 million), and it is very common for us to either travel to neighbouring countries for business or to establish cross-border operations.

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